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BSC Designer Pro Crack (Balanced ScoreCard) is software that simplifies the process of creating and managing a BSC or KPI group. Using the BSC Designer Pro Crack you will be able to create aset of key performance indicators, define groups, relationships between goals,and specify the importance of the metrics. The BSC Designer Crack provides a flexible way to calculate performance values, depending on the metric settings, such as minimum, target, and unit of measure. The resulting scorecard can be exported to the ms excel file for further processing.

BSC Designer Pro Crack With Key Free Download | CrackedSea

BSC Designer Pro Serial Key is a performance management software. It supports the BSC framework, which is still one of the most popular tools for planning and executing business strategies, based on annual research.

Using the BSC Designer Pro, you can create a set of key performance indicators and group them into categories. Each category and each indicator (goal) has a relative weight, which determines the importance of this indicator. You can define your own relative weights or use a balance function in which the BSC Designer Pro License Key will calculate the value itself.

The indicator (target) also has current, minimum, and maximum values. Based on the optimization strategy, these values ​​participate in the performance calculations within the metrics category and the overall performance of the Balanced Scorecard.

Once you have designed your scorecard, you can export it toms excel for further use and integration with enterprise systems such as crm orerp. A better option is to save the designed Scorecard and share it with colleagues as a .bsc file (native BSC Designer file type) and an ms excel file.

Features OF BSC Designer:

Start Building A Policy Map With KPI:

The BSC Designer Pro is more than just a drawing tool. What you see on the policy map is a representation of the real data that you can access at any time. On the “KPI” tab, you can manage key performance indicators.

  • You can manually enter a KPI value for a specific date.
  • Import data from the ms excel or SQL database.
  • Choose an optimization direction for each KPI.
  • Attach the action plan as an initiative.
  • Monitor the current performance of each metric.
  • Track the progress of its target value.
  • Use the stop light to see if these values ​​are within the expected range.
  • Receive email notifications about important changes.
Get Business Data In The Balanced Scorecard Designer:
  • Whether you are monitoring current business performance or controlling business improvement, you need to enter business data into the BSC Designer Pro.
  • You can manually enter data about KPI.
  • Read data directly from the ms excel spreadsheet.
  • Use the sql indicator to access an external database.
  • Define custom formulas, such as the sum or average of other KPI.
Work With The Team Of BSC Designer pro:
  • As your performance management and monitoring programs grow, more people will be involved. The Bsc Designer is always ready to help. You can easily:
  • Share your Balanced Scorecard with other users.
  • Notify users of important changes.
Balanced Scorecard Report:
  • You can generate a variety of reports, including our popular html reports.
  • Export the data from the Balanced Scorecard toms excel, including all formulas.
  • Or, create an ms PowerPoint presentation that includes the most important details from the Balanced Scorecard.
A Word About Our Competitors:

Why should you choose a designer, not one of our competitors? We believe that the BSC Designer Pro provides all the balanced scorecard automation and features you need in a simple, user-friendly way. Some of our customers told us that they decided to use the BSC Designer Pro because it is easy to implement: no special database, no complicated installation, and very easy to maintain.

How To Download & Install BSC Designer Pro Crack?

  • First Download (Setup) from the given link or button.
  • And Extract the rar file and open.
  • Install the setup and doesn’t launch close it from everywhere.
  • Open the Cracked or Activator file and copy and paste into installation directory and run.
  • All Done Enjoy the BSC Designer Pro Latest Version 2019

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